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Absence for Presence: Turning it up to 11

Absence for Presence: Turning it up to 11

London, England 7-18-18

In my very first blog, I offered this disclamatory invitation:

“I’m glad to have you check in here whenever the spirit moves you because that is when I’m going to be writing”.

For those of you who have been checking back over the last 10 days to no avail, I thank you and hope the spirit moves you to do so again for I may have produced yet another charming paragraph or two of philosophy and witticism.

or I may not.

During these few weeks of travel, while I have been getting my land and air and sea legs, I have also realized something that explains quite a bit about the arc of my life as a whole;  my thoughts are actually more important to me than pictures, places, events and my archiving of them. Hence, the “absence for presence” that has kept me from these pages. It’s not that I don’t take pictures or experience places and events and want to share them with you, I do, but I find my deepest priority now, and into my future, is to allow my mind unfettered range to merely experience, explore and expand and to be fully present to that unmitigated luxury. In this sense, you might say, I am a strict Cartesian.*

So, in actuality, I have pages of notes and scores of photos and will formulate them bit by bit into memes and stories and ditties in no particular order at no particular pace.

Welcome to the Monkey Mind House of pure presence and let’s all TURN IT UP TO 11 (in Dobly).


*Speaking of Descartes, congrats to France on their 4-2 World Cup victory over Croatia. The finals of this year’s cup helped me make friends and added a nice texture to my time in Scotland but,

Claire and Mags root for England with me (🙁) In Aulay’s.

The girls from Belgium (🙁🙁) in Aulay’s in Oban.

instead of watching the final with my English “family” in London, we ended up in a pedalo in Hyde Park pedaling around Christo’s MASTABA installation while being serenaded by both Bonnie Raitt AND James Taylor LIVE from the nearby bandshell! SOMEBODY PINCH ME HARD!


PS Until the spirit moves next….😆

PSS MANY MANY THANKS to Katie, Rory, Leo and Luke who accepted me heart and soul into their home. Love you and can’t wait to see you again!!

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