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Days Like This

Days Like This

I know, the space between my blog pieces is getting longer. Part of the reason is that so much is happening outside and within me that when I sit down to write it, I am overwhelmed. And, over the last three weeks, I have crawled into a new skin. So many things have clicked in my head and my heart…gratefulness and forgiveness in—surprise—direct proportion. That was the one thing I forgot on that dark, hot, itchy stay in the Inferno Hostel a seeming lifetime ago—that there’d be days like this:

The view from my hostel in Ronda, Spain as I finally write to you!

All of the things that have happened since my last blog: I

*had a delightful train ride through northern Italy (for me any train ride leaving Milan would be delightful though there was the exception of meeting a lovely Spanish family on the HopOn bus) chancing to meet the kind and striking Chiara who strongly resembled Isabella Rosselini and works for Fondazione Giorgio  Cini   

*couch-surfed with Franco, a kind and talented opera singer in Trieste, Italy, a region shared throughout history with both Italian and Slovenian peoples giving it a distinct air from other parts of Italy I have visited. Got to see the inside of Teatro Verdi along with his dressing room.

*saw the most beautifully produced and musically stimulating concert I have ever seen in the romantic, classic and extremely chill Piazza Unità d’Italia, the main square in Trieste, a seaport city in northeast Italy located at the foot of the hill with the castle of San Giusto, and facing the Adriatic Sea. I also had the chance at the concert to do some unexpected and deeply amazing forgiveness work during an important song I had shared with an important person in my life.

*lost money and frequent flyer points being overly organized and not letting the real flow of travel be my guide.

*took a chance on a reportedly super bougie corporate style hostel (it was 😃😃😃😃😃) two blocks from the Mestre Train which I hopped everyday for 3 bucks to get back and forth from Venice!! (And a Hostel 19€ a night). Greeted by the following words painted in the back seating area: THIS MUST BE THE PLACE–you guessed, the exact title of the song of expiation from the Trieste concert.

*found a gorgeous grocery store and tucked in with 35€ worth of delicious fresh food to cook in the bougie hostel kitchen including the world’s most gorgeous cantaloupe and the requisite amount of crudo to make this stay even better.

*wandered around a scorching Venice (98 degrees…37 for the rest of you😰😰😰 either way, it spells hot especially in a place with no green space) until I found a watering hole on the outskirts that had a bit of a breeze and, guess what? All David Byrne coming out of their speakers.

*found the sunglasses I adore and which I seem to find nowhere else.

*had a short mutual admiration adventure with a middle school art teacher who seemed to be the Mayor of Venice unable to walk two “blocks” without greeting or being greeted by 3 or 4 people ranging from Nigerian bracelet hawkers to a novelist home from his life in Paris. For our first date, guess where he took me? You guessed it, the David Byrne bar AND he also attempted, once, he claims, a love affair with, of people in the world, the beautiful Chiara. See why the Universe has me laughing every day in every way? Actually, here is a picture of him with….David Byrne, of course! I’m still smiling.

*spent an enchanting evening with the Mayor which meant I didn’t get back to the hostel in time to rescue my lovely food (oh, my melone!!) from the Tuesday clean-out refrigerator ( the only one that had space on Monday). I am still dreaming about that melon and may be for years to come.

*somehow managed a business class flight to Lisbon which served gourmet meals on both the Venice to Madrid AND the Madrid to Lisbon legs (Mama told me there’d be days like this).

*ended up at the GORGEOUS new Get Inn hostel in Parede, Portugal just outside of Cascais where I saw Van Morrison at the EDP Cool Jazz Fest. And, you know what…. That only covers a little more than a week of this time period. I promise to TRY and catch you up with the rest next blog but until then, here’s Van from the EDP Cool Jazz Fest July 28th. Remember…there’ll be days like this.





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