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Not too old to parlay disappointment into DOUBLE deliciousness!

Not too old to parlay disappointment into DOUBLE deliciousness!

After bragging for months about the amazing hostel I booked, about its glass living room, about the stars and the rocky coastline spilling out underneath, I hit a snag.

Skyewalker Hostel, on the Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides on the northwest coast of Scotland, looked ideal and the price was amazing but getting there, well, involved a gauntlet of trains and buses and seven hours each way and STILL not being exactly where I needed to be, Portnalong. Well, you might say, with all the modern methods, didn’t you, intrepid world traveler, establish this before making the reservation? Well, yes. And no. My original plan was to come from the Northeast, Inverness but after announcing this plan to a number of locals, I was assured that Inverness lacked charm (that’s probably only partly true as it seems charm is not something Scotland lacks) and that I should consider Oban instead. This sentiment was reconfirmed for me last night by a Yankee whom I met at a bar full of ecstatic Belgians (BEL 2 BRA 1 Quarter Finals) and who worked for 6 years for Cook County. Only one small problem–when you don’t come from Inverness to Skye, other routes are full of uncertainty and missed connections and 3 hours between connections. 😞 You can see below where the highway doesn’t go AND no way am I renting a car and training my 57 year old brain for opposite road driving! Oh, yeah, that brings me to being old!

As luck would have it, my fantastic Edinburgh Hostel, Castle Rock (If I could give it 10 stars, I would!) pointed me toward a tour leaving Monday (perfect, my check out day) and returning Wednesday, also perfect. I went to book this trip feeling so happy I would still be able to visit the Isle and maybe even the Skyewalker Hostel. So happy until they asked me my age. ☹️ Top age on the tour is 40 and the perception that one looks closer to 40 than 60 was not one I wanted to test especially since the woman asking me was, well, closer to 60!

TOO OLD!!!!! I ambled down to Waterloo St to a suggested tour company that catered to geriatrics but it was both booked and too “dear” as they say here in Scotland. Ah, what is one to do with such disappointment at 2 pm on a lovely July day in Britain?

High Tea, of course.

And, again, the Universe supplies in full force. Patisserie Valerie is offering a deal for two and I ask if they can create a single tea. Of course! When the waitress arrives, however, the tray has accidentally been set for two and with sincerest apologies, she assures me that the single price will be honored and that I was free to box up and take whatever I did not eat. So, though I won’t see the Isle of Skye this time, I will share my upcoming visit to Oban with you. The luscious High Tea became also my dinner and this morning’s breakfast and had you been here, I would have shared that with you too. For now, how about this?

On my way to hike Arthur’s Seat, a huge volcanic bluff that was once a private Royal park , Holyrood (Holy Cross), but is now a beautiful place to see all of Edinburgh on this unusually, I am REPEATEDLY TOLD, gorgeous 70 degree day in July. I would tell them that bringing good weather with me is my super power but they will never believe me.

Love, Amy

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